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Since 1997 a dedicated and progressive network of professionals have integrated the Sensory Learning Program into their practices to better address the sensory processing issues inhibiting progress and learning in areas such as speech and language, body awareness and motor planning, applied behavioral analysis, recovery from traumatic events and all levels of academic success. A diverse professional community has found the Sensory Learning Program to be a successful adjunct to goal attainment for their clients and students.

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Dear Colleague,

We began seeing clients in August 2003. Before the end of our first month, we were completely booked through December. Because of the overwhelming successes and positive word of mouth, the Sensory Learning Program has generated, we recently purchased our second system to provide more session dates for the overwhelming demand of our new clients.

As an intervention, the Sensory Learning Program effectively unites three modalities (visual, auditory and vestibular) into one, multi-sensory approach that works to improve perception, understanding and the ability to learn. It's innovative integration of Syntonics with the auditory and vestibular modalities are truly unique and compelling.

Bradley E. Habermehl, O.D.
Flint, Michigan

From an occupational therapist's standpoint, when applying a standard therapy evaluation both before and after the program, Trey made a 12 month gain in object manipulation, a 7-month gain in visual motor integration, and a 4-month gain in grasping. There's also the complete disappearance of some primitive reflexes (ATNR, asymmetrical tonic neck reflex, a reflex typically integrated by 4-6 months).

Tara Mulvany, MOTR/L
Director, Sensory Learning Center-Newnan, GA

As a Speech and Language Pathologist, I find the Sensory Learning Program an incredibly valuable resource. We find our clients that have gone through the Program to be much more responsive to therapy, they attend better, and their ability to learn is improved.

Robbie Whitaker, M.A., CCC-SLP


Can I provide the Sensory LearningSM Program in my existing practice?
Absolutely. Sensory Learning Center International works with providers who have incorporated the Sensory Learning Program into their existing practices throughout the United States.

What's required to become a Sensory Learning Program Provider?
Becoming a provider requires a combination of related professional expertise, the purchase of Sensory Learning equipment and proprietary software, and participation in a five-day training course at the Sensory Learning Center International headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Beyond that, we look for professionals with a passion to improve the lives of others.

For more information call us today at 1-888-720-5437.