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About The Founder...

Mary Bolles
Executive Director
Sensory Learning Center International, Inc.

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An expert on the effect of Ocular Light Therapy on Learning Disabilities, Mary Bolles is a pioneer in the integrated use of light, sound and motion for sensory perception problems. Like many pioneers, Ms. Bolles began her quest in response to an unmet need as she sought help for her son, Jason, who was exhibiting behaviors consistent with children on the autism spectrum.

Jason was still not talking at age three. He didn't want to be held and didn't sleep well. He had a volatile temper and his coordination was poor. Despite seemingly constant trips to doctor's offices and other specialists, when Jason repeated kindergarten twice, Mary knew she had to do something.

Mary researched the nature of mild brain dysfunction and its relationship to sensory processing problems in the brainstem area. She explored a variety of developmental learning approaches and became determined to find a new learning system that would dramatically change the way Jason saw the world - a method that would go beyond medication, tutoring and behavior modification.

After extensive independent study and an internship with the John-David Learning Institute in Carlsbad, CA, Mary discovered that combining three individual modalities (visual, auditory and vestibular) into one multi-sensory experience was capable of providing the positive results she'd been seeking for Jason.

In 1997, Mary founded the Sensory Learning Institute and began providing the Sensory Learning Program to others.

Mary Bolles holds a B.A. from Bowling Green State University and is an associate member of the College of Syntonic Optometry. She is a popular speaker at conferences throughout the United States and internationally, including Reading and Cambridge Universities in England. Her work is referenced in the following books: Brainlash, by Gail Denton, Ph.D. and The Healing Power of Light, by Primrose Cooper.

P.S. Mary's son, Jason, is now a Licensed Professional Counselor and has earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Bowling Green State University.

"When we brought our four-year old daughter, Nicole, to Sensory Learning Institute, she had been diagnosed with autism for two years. We had tried a number of things before learning about the Sensory Learning Program. As Nicole began the twelve-day intervention, we began noticing an improvement almost immediately. During the first 30 days, Nicole began to say her own name and noticing things she never noticed before even her eye contact improved. She continued to make progress, month after month. One year after the Sensory Learning Program, Nicole's doctor said she was the "highest functioning autistic child she had ever seen" and suggested we send her to kindergarten with no label, no diagnosis, and no Individual Educational Program. As if that wasn't enough, one year later, in summarizing Nicole's second year's annual review, her doctor wrote, "In this sample of her behavior, Nicole did not demonstrate symptoms of an autistic spectrum disorder, or of any other disorder." Thank you, Sensory Learning Institute. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" --Linda, CO